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Open Board Positions

We have three open positions for the 2020 season.  Descriptions for all positions can be found within the bylaws in Article 5 (duties and Responsibilities of League Officials).  Here are the open positions:


The Treasurer shall have responsibility to receive, deposit and disburse all funds of the Corporation, pay all approved bills, and shall keep proper accounts of League funds or other assets.  The Treasurer shall give a financial report at each meeting.  The office shall be bonded in the sum of not less than twenty five thousand dollars ($25,000).

Player Agent

The Player Agent shall serve as the primary supervisor of all divisions of play, in consultation with and subject to the directives of the Executive Board.  The duties and responsibilities of the Player Agent shall include the following:
· Appoint managers of teams in each division in accordance with the By-Laws
· Appoint coordinators for each division
· Supervise practice and game schedules
· Supervise player registration applications
· Secure and verify birth certificates where necessary
· Supervise the annual try-outs
· Preside at the annual draft meetings for each division
· Maintain rosters for each team in each division
· Keep a file of any injury insurance reports given to him by the Safety Officer
· Approve any change in roster before such change takes place
· Mediate and resolve any protests at each division
· Mediate and resolve any disputes arising in each division, and refer any unresolved disputes to the Executive President
· Bring forward to the Executive President any complaints about conduct

Information Officer

The Information Officer shall serve as the primary external contact and communications person for the League, in consultation with and subject to the directives of the Executive Board.  The Information Officer shall manage the Beverly Little League’s official home page on a web site, manage any online registration process and ensure that league rosters are maintained on the site, assign administrative rights to league volunteers and teams, ensure that league news and scores are updated on a regular basis, collect, post, and distribute important information on League activities including direct dissemination of fund raising and sponsor activities to Little League Baseball, district, public, league members and media, when appropriate.  The Information Officer shall prepare fliers and other materials needed to publicize the annual player registration to the maximum extent possible.  The Information Officer shall coordinate all media coverage of League activities, and shall serve as liaison for the organization with the news media and the public.

Coaching Coordinator

The Coaching Coordinator shall serve as the primary supervisor of all managers and coaches in all divisions of play during regular season competition, in consultation with and subject to the directives of the Executive Board. The duties and responsibilities of the Coaching Coordinator shall include the following:
· Recommend to the Executive Board qualifications for managers and coaches
· Identify qualified candidates for managers and coaches
· Review prospective qualified manager and coach candidates together with the Player Agent
· Make recommendations to the Player Agent for the appointment of managers and coaches
· Develop procedures for training of managers and coaches in coaching skills, player development skills, fair competition, and overall sportsmanship
· Develop and supervise league-wide training programs for managers and coaches
· Develop and present to the Executive Board a budget for clinics, training programs, and training materials
· Distribute training materials to managers, players, families, and players
· Coordinate clinics for managers, coaches, and players
· Supervise managers and coaches during the season
· Provide feedback to managers and coaches during the season as needed
· Complete performance reviews of managers and coaches at the end of the season to assist in evaluating returning candidates for successive years
· Bring forward to the Executive Board any concerns raised by managers or coaches
· Represent the managers and coaches in the league at the Executive Board

Safety Officer

The Safety Officer shall serve as the primary supervisor of League and player safety, in consultation with and subject to the directives of the Executive Board. The Safety Officer shall periodically inspect all playing fields for damage or unsafe conditions, and to ensure that managers are following proper safety procedures. The Safety Officer shall assist in field maintenance where appropriate, and shall coordinate any field openings in the spring and closures in the fall. The Safety Officer shall also coordinate reports of injuries or accident insurance claims in consultation with the Executive President.

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